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The Must See Murals in San Antonio This Summer – Travis Park Church

San Antonio, Texas continues to be one of the most visited cities in the US. Every summer thousands of people visit the Alamo City to enjoy the Riverwalk. Additionally, San Antonio is the fastest growing city in the nation. The US Census Bureau estimates that 14,000 people moved to San Antonio from 2020 and 2021. What this tells us is that the people who are visiting might need a tip or two from your friendly neighborhood tour guide, about WHAT ELSE is there to see and do other than visiting the Alamo or Riverwalk. Below is one of the MUST SEE MURAL PROJECTS in SAN ANTONIO THIS SUMMER.

ALL ARE WELCOMED LOVE CONQUERS HATE – In 2022 The Travis Park Church, with the help of Centro San Antonio, Community First Health Plans and EHCU Publications, commissioned 6 artists to paint giant stained glass-like window murals on the church. All of the murals speak to issues that that church advocates for such as immigration, LGBTQ/Trans rights, homeless advocacy and more. The artists involved spent months on the planning and painting of these amazing murals. Continue reading to discover the meaning of the murals as described by the artists. 


This piece is about the resilience of Mexican American people, Indigenous people and the people of San Antonio. It’s about empowerment, representation and inclusivity. It’s about the capacity to love that each of us holds, despite the hate we may encounter. It’s a reminder that there is a power greater than us.


Galaxy Of Love, my part of the Travis Park Church “All Are Welcome, Love Conquers Hate Mural”, is a symbol and a message of love to the LGBTQ community that all are truly welcome and embraced here in San Antonio, especially at Travis Park Church. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💜 #publicart #love #art #sanantonio #mural #galaxyoflove #contemporaryart


Mine is dedicated to Black Lives Matter. This whole year we have witnessed the power of communities and raising their voices against injustices. No matter our circumstances, there will be ways to change the course of history. We have to utilize our voices and the masses. I believe in the power of love and coming together for the greater good.

I hope this helps ignite motivation and inspiration within to create a change for our future.

Viva la vida!!


The story starts with a dark flower withering away in a dark place outside of a broken vase with very little water. This represents depression, feeling broken, down on your luck and not feeling loved. Life, even feeling as if it’s at a stand still you can say as if faith is lost. Water begins to fill the broken vase and the colors start to get brighter. By a simple gesture of kindness and love it can change a person’s day and that can lead to inspire someone for a lifetime. The flower experiences kindness and love and life starts to feel different and faith and positivity start to influence the flower. The colors become even brighter, now the vase becomes mended and water nearly fills the vase allowing the flower to emerge itself in it to grow. Now the flower is uplifted with the power of love and now radiates that energy to inspire others that they too can overcome those difficult times.

I also wanted to pay homage to where I grew up so the stained glass design is actually the street map of the area I grew up in: the Southside and Westside of San Antonio.

More to come. To see more art from Supher visit his IG Page –


Information about Scotch’s mural can be found at

These Murals are located minutes away from most of the downtown hotels. The address is 230 E Travis St, San Antonio, TX. Find them on your own or book a bicycle tour with Mural Ride Bike Tours and let us show you these and other amazing artwork in downtown San Antonio.

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